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Student Pastor Q&A

Thank you for expressing interest in the Student Pastor position at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church. For your benefit--and for ours--we want the right person for the job! Please answer a few questions to help us determine your "fit" for Walnut Ridge.  Make your answers brief, please. Don't take a lot of time or do research, just be honest. Thanks.

Nameyour full name
CellPhone #
Bibleyour preferred translation
EnvironmentAre you comfortable on a church staff that is fast-paced with high expectations for your ministry?
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TheologyBriefly, what's your opinion of Reformed Theology, Calvinism, and neo-Calvinism?
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Personal BeliefsAre there issues of theology or morality that you are passionate about? If so, what?
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Deal-BreakersWhat practices or beliefs would make a church a bad fit for you?
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Best-FitWhat practices and beliefs are important to you in a church?
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EvangelismWhat are 5-7 words/terms you'd include when presenting a salvation message?
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InfluencersWhat Christian authors, bloggers, and/or pastors do you read/hear the most?
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ModelsWhat churches or pastors do you admire and look to for ministry ideas?
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TeachingWhat is your teaching philosophy and style? How much time do you spend preparing?
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FunWhat place does fun have in Student Ministry?
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RelationshipsWhat place do relationships have in Student Ministry?
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ScheduleHow would you schedule your week to balance family and ministry (office, school events, games, contact work on weekends, and evenings?
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Current/Latest Churchchurch name, city, state
Current/Latest ChurchAvg. Sunday a.m. church worship attendance
Current/Latest Church Positionyou job title
Current/Latest Church Positioncheck one
Current/Latest Church PositionAvg. Sunday a.m. student attendance
Current/Latest Church PositionAvg. Wed. p.m. student attendance
Current/Latest Church PositionSummer camp attendance
TransitionWhen are you able or wanting to start a new position?
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