How To Get Help From Others On Church Staff:

  • I NEED:   Event on calendar    Room(s)    HVAC    Doors unlocked    Set-up    Tables    Chairs    Microphone    Childcare    Tech    Kitchen    Trailer    Paper goods    Tablecloths

  • I NEED:   Clean up    Floor care    Electrical    Lighting    Equipment repairs    Garbage/waste    Maintenance    Painting/touch up    Heat    Air conditioning    Pest control    Plumbing

  • I NEED Computer help



  1. Look at bottom right corner of your computer’s desktop; click blue icon.
  2. When web browser opens, click blue icon on left side of screen to fill out “ticket.” For immediate assistance, set Priority to “High.”

  • I NEED:  Budget info   (this is not real time data, it’s data that has been entered into ShelbyNext)
  1. Login to
    • User Name – staff
    • Password – *******
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select General Ledger
  4. Select Reports
    • Detailed Ledger (line by line debits and credits)
    • Budgeted Financial Statement (Budget & YTD spending per account number)
  5. Under Account Structure, make sure ALL is not checked
  6. Check box next to account(s) that you oversee/use
  7. Select Run Report
  8. View report on screen or download copy
  9. To download, use drop down to select file type – PDF, Excel, etc.
  10. Select Export
  11. Look in your browser downloads or file finder downloads for document