8:30 :: One A-Chord :: Mixed
All Ages :: Choir Room

Originally started for choir and orchestra members, this class has become a “come one, come all” group of fun, compassionate, and involved people. The lessons are relaxed and conversational. Adults of all ages and stages of life enjoy building friendships in a safe environment of caring and sharing. This new class looks forward to planning fellowships and class mission projects.

8:30 :: Matthew 22 :: Mixed
Ages 60s-80s :: Room 252

Whether you’re married, widowed, or single, there’s a place for you. Dan Smith and Steve Hambrick lead this supportive group. Lessons are full of Scriptures. Class members support missions through IGO. They gather weekly for lunch and have lots of class parties.

8:30 :: Covenant :: Mixed
All Ages :: Room 258

Younger…older? Yes! All are welcome for excellent teaching, prayer support, and Bible book studies. Covenant actively supports an orphan ministry in Russia and a local homeless shelter. Several times a year, class members gather for fellowships like Superbowl parties and Christmas celebrations.

8:30 :: Faith Builders :: Mixed
Ages 50s-60s :: Room 250

These close-knit folks are retired or close to it! As empty-nesters, they value getting together and praying earnestly the church & community. Randy Ely & Dave Phillips prepare the class for vibrant and interact lessons, and support orphans and seniors in assisted living facilities.

8:30 :: Melting Pot :: Mixed
Ages 50s-60s ::  Room 257

The Melting Pot is an encouraging group of fun and friendly folks from middle age to seniors. Larry Jones guides open discussion as he presents the Bible lesson. Larry Flint keeps everyone organized as they support ministry endeavors like New Christians Class and Allies in Youth. Class socials include Superbowl parties and holiday celebrations with lots of homemade food.

8:30 :: Lydia :: Women / Mixed
Ages 50s-80s :: Room S-171

The Lydia ladies are caring, supportive, and love to lend a helping hand when needed. Their lessons are lecture-based and focus on books of the Bible. They have an active social calendar and support both local and world missions through volunteering and giving.

8:30 :: Heaven’s Helpers :: Mixed
Ages 50s-80s :: Room 255

Led by Skip Butler and Betty Jane Hanna, this group is loving, devoted, and mission-minded. This class knows how to party with Christian friends! Lessons are casual with plenty of interaction. Heaven’s Helpers supports missions by sponsoring short-term missionaries and providing food for hungry children in our city.

8:30 :: Tailgaters :: Mixed
Ages 50s-70s:: Room S-173

Tailgaters are lively and outspoken yet relaxed when together. Some are retired and many have grandchildren. Steve Mitchell & John Brimmer lead a discussion-centered format Bible study and love class participation. Bruce Erby keeps up with class parties and their involvement with community focused mission projects.

8:30 :: Fellowship :: Mixed
Ages 60s-70s :: Room 254

Looking for a caring, thoughtful, and warm group of faithful followers of Jesus? Come visit Fellowship for soul-searching lessons that are informative and Bible-centered. They gather regularly for dinner, lunch, & class parties. Fellowship supports IGO ministries since they cherish sharing the Gospel all over the world.

8:30 :: Seekers :: Mixed
Ages 60s-70s :: Room 253

Seekers is a friendly, active, and diligent in pursuing Christ. Their teaching is unique, with several class members taking turns leading the Bible studies. Class socials include men’s coffee and ladies gatherings. The class is involved in Angel Tree, Gideons, & Allies missions.

8:30 :: JOY :: Mixed
Ages 70+ :: Room 251

Who said that senior citizens can’t have fun?! The Joy class is not only fun, but they are loving and seasoned prayer warriors. Taught by Wes King, this class takes God’s Word seriously and seeks to apply it’s truths to their everyday lives, families, and community. Joy enjoys supporting worldwide missions.

9:45 :: LAUNCH :: Singles
Ages 20s/30s/40s/50s/60+ :: S. 191

On Sundays at 9:45am, single adults are invited to S. Sanctuary for a 10-minute lesson followed by age divided discussion groups.

9:45 :: Home Front :: Mixed
Ages 35-55 :: Room 251

Laughter. Fun. Friendship. Class members, led by James Scarborough, enjoy lively discussion about how the Word of God makes a difference in our careers, families, and society. The class gathers twice a month for some fun, including game nights and Sunday lunches. They have served together by doing yard work for elderly community members.

9:45 :: Cornerstone :: Married
Ages 30s-40s :: Room 253

Cornerstone is made up of married couples with children. Led by Cody Bauer, the class values open, honest, and real communication. Therefore, their teaching format is discussion oriented. Through ongoing friendships, the class desires to live life together. Class members take part in mission projects. They also get together for fun class socials.

9:45 :: SWAT :: Married
Ages 40s-50s :: Room 258

This cohesive group connects to other couples in a similar life stage for caring support. Todd Simmons leads lessons on application of the Bible to everyday life. Marty Melton leads the class to plan quarterly breakfasts, men’s and women’s events, and class parties. SWAT serves the homeless in Fort Worth each month.

9:45 :: Faith Finders :: Mixed
Women 20s-50s :: Room 254

Ashlee Verner leads this group of inquisitive and dedicated ladies who enjoy laughing and learning together. FaithFinders focuses on high-level Bible studies in class that includes lots of discussions. They gather several times a year for socials and have volunteer at a fire station, nursing home, and animal shelters.

9:45 :: Couples for Christ
Married 30s-40s:: Room 252

Couples for Christ is friendly, giving, and willing to serve! Wanting to hear different voices, 2 or 3 teachers rotate in leading Bible-based lessons that build up marriages & encourage Christ-focused parenting. At least once a month, guys gather for “shop talk” and women meet to grow their faith and friendships. The class supports Metroplex Women’s Center.

9:45 :: Voyagers :: Married
Ages 30s-50s :: Room 250

Voyagers is a unified group of team-players who support each other through the ups and downs of life. Jeff Tate directs the class while Derrell Douglas teaches. Class members serve the community through ministering to homeless people and young women facing unplanned pregnancies.

9:45 :: FISH :: Mixed
Ages 40s-50s :: Room 255

If you enjoy diverse teaching, jump into FISH and hear from four different voices. Class members are supportive, accepting, and family oriented. This intimate group has members from many backgrounds and cultures, so class discussions are Bible-based and enlightening.

9:45 :: Home Builders :: Married
Ages 40s-50s ::  Room 259

Are you looking for a group that is caring, loving, and welcoming to new faces? HomeBuilders enjoy conversational lessons from the Bible as well as gathering for class parties or casual meals. They serve in community outreach and support local women and children in need.

11:00 :: Logos :: Mixed
All Ages :: Room 250

Ray Shannon leads this group of friendly and welcoming adults. Logos enjoys having class members of all ages and stages of life. Lessons are interactive, just like their class dinners and social gatherings. They love missions and support needs in the community through volunteering.

11:00 :: Ridge Singles :: Singles
Ages 60s-80s :: Conf. Room

David Norvelle leads this group that can best be described as friendly, loving, and comfortable. Class members support a student group at UTA and a local homeless shelter. Ann Hale keeps everyone organized and the class enjoys socials and holiday parties. If you’re single and still have lots of life to live, come to Ridge Singles!